Verbruggen VPM-BXL Palletizer (Cartons/Crates)

Category: VPM-BXL

TheVPM-BXLhas been designed to palletize large volumes of goods (boxes, crates, bins and cartons) at a high speed. This is a versatile machine offering an excellent solution for companies working with a large variety of different packagings that require high-speed & continuous stacking operations with superior stacking results.

Boxed packagings are fed high into the machine by conveyor belts, or by vertical lift.  Products are then positioned and accumulated in the infeed section by the programmable stacking pattern. Thereafter the collar compresses each layer, both before and after depositing the layer on the pallet.

The machine is fully automatic and includes a pallet dispenser and pallet conveyors. The VPM-BXL can be optionally extended with a bottom sheet and / or intermediate slip sheet dispenser, wrapping machine and strapping machine.

  • Capacity: 20+ cartons/boxes per minute
  • Carton/Box Dims:150x 150x 150 - 800 x 600 x 500 mm
  • StackingPatterns: Freely adjustable
  • Operation: User friendly touchscreen interface


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