Verbruggen VPM-5 Palletizers (Bags)

Category: VPM-5

VPM-5 is a compact palletizer that possesses some of the technological advancements used in our VPM-7 to -14 series palletizers. Due to its small size and multiple infeed options, the machine can be placed in almost any space. The machine can also be easily moved and relocated with a forklift if needed.

The machine is equipped with a manipulator, centering flaps and collar allowing for accurate product placement and consistently stacked product pallets. The user-friendly touch screen also allows the correct stacking pattern to be easily selected (eg. 5x25kg bags on a 1200x1000 mm pallet) as well as the number of bags per pallet. The machine can also be optionally extended with pallet conveyors for empty pallet infeed, automatic transport of stacked pallets and fully-automatic wrapping.

  • Capacity: 10 Bags/minute
  • Bag Dimensions: various weights and dimensions are possible
  • Stacking Patterns: easily adjustable
  • Operation: user friendly touchscreen interface













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