Eqraft- ERC- Baxmatic System

Fully automated packing

The Baxmatic is designed to fully automatically package onions, potatoes, bulk products and related products into gunny, paper, woven, polypropylene and mesh bags. The smart, ergonomic design of the machine allows straightforward and flexible operation that requires little manual work and keeps disturbance issues with dust in the environment to a minimum. The Baxmatic comprises a bag cartridge, a filling process and a closing system, forming an all-in-one solution that can be incorporated into a processing line between, for example, a weighing/dispensing unit and a palletiser.

High-quality bags: The Baxmatic uses separate bags that are suspended in the bag cartridge in bundles. Each bag has a top edge fitted with two suspension holes and an air-impermeable strip for vacuum bag processing. In consultation with Eqraft, specialised companies can develop high-quality bags in all shapes and sizes.

Comprehensive range: We can provide advice on optimum processing and packaging solutions that could include the Baxmatic. The Baxmatic comprises a bag cartridge, a filling process, and a closing system, offering various options for streamlining the packaging process further. Straightforward touchscreen operation can be facilitated with so-called recipes, in which machine settings are stored. Other machines in the line can be integrated into Baxmatic operations. We provide extensive support (online and on site) for easy commissioning and efficient operation of the Baxmatic.

Bag cartridge: The bag cartridge has a maximum capacity of 1,000 bags and consists of four sets of pins from which the operator can suspend bundles of bags (25 or 50). The cartridge rotates a quarter turn each time, with one set of pins supplying the bags to the filling process, while the other three sets are ready for refilling, allowing non-stop machine operation.

Filling process: Using a reliable vacuum technique, the Baxmatic can grab a single bag, open it and position it under the filling valve. Sensors check the bag in four places and once it is completely correctly positioned, the Baxmatic starts filling the bag. When in doubt, the machine removes the bag and immediately grabs the next one. The Baxmatic automatically compensates for changes in bag length during filling. After the final bag check, the product is called. A product buffer connected to the previous weighing/dispensing process enhances the reliability and continuity of the filling process.

Closing system: After filling, a grab closes the bag and conveys it to the sewing line without the bag changing mechanisms (so no risk of failure). An industrial sewing machine sews the bag and an automatic cutter cuts the yarn and any band labels. For track & trace purposes, the Baxmatic can print labels with relevant product details, while a link to the order system is also possible. Finally, the Baxmatic conveys the filled and closed bag to a palletiser.

Baxmatic is the fully automated packaging system for loose bags of 2.5kg to 50 Kg.

  • Net bags for onions
  • Jute bags for potatoes
  • Polyprop bags for bulk flow-ables
  • Paper bags for potatoes


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