Upmann Upmatic 3015 semi auto bagger

Upmann's Upmatic 3015 model is a semi automatic bag sealing unit that includes a industrial sewing machine from Fischbein.  A fantastic feature is the ability to swing the sewing machine out for easy threading, maintenance and needle exchange.  This unit is suitable for granular and course products as well as most vegetables, particularly onions, potatoes and carrots.  This sealing unit is suitable for net, paper or poly bags and 10-15kg bag sizes.

Workflow:  Bags are manually placed on the bagging head, the product is released and the bag travels along the conveyor, through the sewing machine and then manually removed or onto a conveyor for palletizing and wrapping. 



Capacity @25kg bags : 10 cycles per minute

Operating pressure: 6 bar

Air Consumption: 15L / minute

Total weight: 500kg


Available accessories: Thread monitor, thermal thread trimmer, labeling machines ie thermal transfer printer, heat embossing printer, fill level monitoring, customised belt conveyors and supporting conveyors



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