Upman Upmatic 2114DV

Upmatic 2114DV is a high quality computer controlled partial quantity weigher, well suited for accurately and precisely weighing small units quickly examples include nuts, potatoes, onions and carrots.

The Upmatic 2114DV is particularly well known for its reliability and exceptionally low weight tolerances - less than 1% thanks in part to its product specific settings.

Two vibrating plates make up the heart of this machine, evenly supplying feeders into each of the fourteen weighing cells.  The computer then takes over, tallying the partial quantities required to make the preset batch weight.  Once the weight is reached the product is moved to a designated filling and sealing machine.



Available in Hammer enamel blue (2114DV) or stainless steel (2114DVE)

Weighing range: 500g - 25kg

Capacity: 2.5kg @ 75 cycles per minute

Operating pressure: 6 bar

Air consumption: 8 Litres per cycle

Networkable for remote maintenance and servicing



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