Upman Upmatic 2013HD

The Upmatic 2013HD model is a very fast and effiecient computer controlled partial weighing system. The product is conveyed quickly into the weighing container by its two unique, sloped vibrating plates.  To ensure great accuracy and speed, each of the thirteen weighing containers is equipped with its own load cell.  As soon as the containers load cell senses the correct partial weight has been reached, the respective vibrating feeder is shut off by a butterfly valve.  Immediatly the computer takes over and quickly adds up the partial quantities needed for the preset target weight.  A zero check can be performed at any time and maintenance checks are easily inspected through the computers touch screen panel.

Upmann machines are easily combined with many kinds of transversing belt conveyors and storage systems for a complete system.



Weighing capcity: 500g - 25kg

Capacity @10kg : 20 cycles per minute

Capacity @ 25kg : 18 cycles per minute



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