Visar Sortop Potato Optical Sorter

Visar Sortop Potatoes:

Carefully calibrates, grades, sorts and weighs up to 30 potatoes per second!

  • Suitable for washed or unwashed potatoes.
  • Amazing weight accuracy to 5%.
  • Three programmable waste settings plus waste.
  • Controls enclosed in sealed cabinet, comes with factory set sorting software ready for use.
  • Heavy duty waterproof and washable monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Ingenious aligner system to arrange the potatoes smoothly at high speed to optimise non-stop accurate sorting.
  • Surge hopper installed above the aligner to absorb fluctuations in product feed.
  • 6 Outlets, with air nozzle, blows the potatoes towards allocated outlets with precision.
  • Two three-way outlet conveyor belts for distributing the 6 grades of product, length can be customised.
  • Sorting software features a severity setting when assessing quality, shape and appearance of each potato.
  • Each tuber is scanned a full 360degrees to give the highest sorting precision.
  • Infrared in addition to colour vision allows the cameras to detect even the slightest defects such as worm damage.


















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