Tong Engineering Box Tippers

Tong manufactures a wide range of heavy duty box and bag tipping equipment, designed to incorporate the latest technology, for efficient and gentle tipping of crop to suit all requirements.

Designed to meet your specific box and bag tipping needs, and manufactured with the latest tipping technology and safety features, Tong's range of control-flow box and bag tippers offer robust and reliable tipping of a wide variety of vegetables, with the gentlest handling of crop in mind.

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, Tong box and bag tippers are built to perform in the most demanding situations. Incorporating the latest ram tipping mechanism design, with twin hydraulic rams, and enhanced linkage strength on heavy duty models, you can be sure a that a Tong tipper will ensure the very best tipping performance for big bags and boxes up to 2 tonnes.

Manufactured in two standard models, with a choice of a 150 degree or heavy duty 160 degree tipping capability, Tong tippers offer automatic and complete emptying of boxes and big bags, with throughputs of up to 40 tonnes per hour.




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