Tong Engineering Unifill Big Bag and Box Fillers

Whether you're looking to fill 1 ton big bags or 1 ton boxes, the Tong UniFill gives you the flexibility to automatically fill both, with throughputs between 15 to 18 tonnes per hour.

Manufactured to offer the gentlest handling of crop by safely holding crop in 'pockets' within the vertical filling elevators, the UniFill operates with a twin elevator system fed by one reversible crop conveyor, and fills boxes or big bags using one elevator at a time.

When filling bags, the UniFill automatically lowers the elevator into the big bag and as the bag fills, the elevator rises. When full, the reversible conveyor automatically reverses to feed the other vertical elevator and the process is repeated. When box filling, the conveyor traverses over the box allowing the vertical elevators to fill boxes evenly and gently.

A fixed-top model is available for filling big bags only, in which the crop conveyor is fixed for big bag filling, without the need to traverse.




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