Standen UniPlus hybrid destoner


- UniPlus larger diameter stars gives aggressive, high output operation.
- Actiflow performance- enhanced by active star arrangement 
- Unique Underweb configuration; high capacity + versatility
- V belt drives; quiet, low maintenance, low wear
- Unitary construction, strength without excess weight
- Consistent, high quality beds
- Sets new standards of performance and bed quality

Improves crop yields, quality, tuber shape and skin finish!
UniPlus offers many advantages as a result of its advanced design. Performance testing in the field has demonstrated 30%-50% output gains over existing machines, more in certain conditions. UniPlus uses latest Standen Star Technology.  Unique to STANDEN, UNIPLUS stars in patented ACTIFLOW formation and UNDERweb make a powerful combination. UNIPLUS stars are larger in diameter (320mm) and considerably more aggressive than previous designs. Manufactured from an advanced hard wearing DUROPOL polymer, there are 10 rows of stars mounted on heavy-duty shafts in ACTIFLOW (patented) formation to spread material across the complete star bed.

Easy to operate, simple to maintain:
An ‘UNDERweb’ secondary separator is located beneath the rear six rows of stars, extending to feed clods/stones to the cross conveyor, thereby creating an additional drop and dramatically enhancing separation. So whilst stars effect primary separation, final grading is controlled by the UNDERweb. Thus it is no longer necessary to change star spacers for different requirements; previous star soil separators machines would be specified as 2-spacer machines for clod, or 1-spacer for stone. A simple web pitch change (from 36mm to 50mm can be specified) is all that’s needed.











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