Milestone Potato Seed Cutters

Milestone have been manufacturing top quality, high capacity potato seed cutters in Idaho, USA, since 1961.  Handling all seed varieties and creating consistent uniformed cuts, the Milestone Seed Cutter range has a model to suit your needs.

Available in 36", 48", 60" and 72" widths


  • Patented Milestone Cutting System
  • Hydraulic steering, tandum axle
  • Four 10,000lb levelling jacks
  • Patented Milestone Sizing Stars
  • Food grade hydraulic oil (I.S.O. 32)
  • Hydraulic quick adjust sizing
  • Stainless steel knife blades
  • Slip clutch rock protection
  • Hydraulic top knife quick adjust
  • Pre-sizer quick adjust
  • Hydraulic vari-speed trip rollers
  • Knife sharpeners
  • Floating coulters w/limit kill switch
  • Disease free, closed cell drums
  • Hydraulic vari-speed hopper
  • Remote connection for duster
  • Electronic eye safety shutoff
  • Trim table
  • Potato seed sample kit

Fantastic on both long and round potato varieties!


  • Hydraulic wheel drive and Jacks
  • Carbon steel coulter blades
  • Patterned belt hopper chain
  • Double seed piece elimination table


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