IMAC Potato Digger Model: PD

IMAC Potato Digger Model: PD

The PD is designed to pick up potatoes, carrots, garlic, leek and onions.  The standard version has a full width share blade, with adjustable angle, two grass cutting discs on either side, single seiving web (36mm pitch), single adjustable intensity shaker, two adjustable rear wheels and twin adjustable Teflon windrow grates.

For optimal potato digging, an optional additional two grass cutting discs. two share blades with adjustable width and two feeler rollers for level control can be fitted.  These options minimise the excess soil and stoned picked up with potatoes when harvesting.


Other options include:

  • Large diameter rear soil compacting roller- prepares bed for windrows.
  • Second seiving web- dramatically increasing the separation capacity of digger.
  • Operating widths of- 1.4m, 1.65m or 1.9m.
  • Standard sieving pitch - 36mm, option to raise to 42mm or 50mm.


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