IMAC Onion Lifters


The IMAC onion digger has a rotating digging shaft suitable for harvesting all types of onions. Thanks to the square digging shaft, only a small amount of soil need be worked and the machine can be used in all conditions. The machine is equipped with 1 belt allowing perfect sieving. In the rear section, underneath the machine, a large plastic compacting roller prepares the bed for the windrow and ensures faster drying.  Two adjustable-width teflon tails, form a precise windrow.

Available Sizes: 1400, 1650 and 1900mm

Standard version: 

  • 1 Web, pitch 42 with 2DN 1ST Configuration - Adjustable-intensity agitator - PTO shaft
  • With inline clutch - 4-blade paddle.


  • Grass-cutting discs 
  • Supplementary rear level wheels
  • 2 sieving webs
  • Rear Cross Conveyor




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