TopAir Onion Harvesters & Windrowers

Topper Loader Series:
The TopAir Topper Loader Series of harvesters is currently state of the art in the onion industry. University studies have shown improved storage quality as a result of letting the onions dry naturally and handling them only once. Extremely high capacity, coupled with very gentle handling make these harvesters the perfect machine for the larger Spanish type onions, as well as the smaller, harder European varieties. Our patented TopAir topping system utilises air and a sickle knife to efficiently sever the tops from the onions. The onion tops, along with other light debris are then ejected out the rear of the machine with relatively clean product continuing through the harvester. The onions then travel upward in our unique TopAir vertical elevator. Our exclusively designed inspection table then allows manual sorting to remove heavy debris such as stones, dirt clods and cull onions, resulting in very clean product going to the storage or packing facility. Topper Loaders are custom manufactured to fit any bed configuration. Our solidly designed Top Air onion harvesters are manufactured with integrity to give our customers years of low maintenance operation.

Topper Windrower Series:
The TopAir Topper Windrower Series of harvesters continues to be a mainstay in the onion industry. The first step of the "Two Step" method of harvest, Topper Windrowers are very popular in areas where growers prefer to cure the onions in windrows after the tops are removed. Extremely high capacity, coupled with very gentle handling make these machines capable of harvesting any type of onion. Our patented Top Air topping system utilizes air and a sickle knife to efficiently sever the tops from the onions. The onion tops, along with other light debris are then ejected out the rear of the machine. The lowering conveyor system then gently transfers the clean onions to the ground into windrows. After curing, the windrows can be picked up by any one of our TopAir high capacity loaders in the second step of the "Two Step" method. Topper Windrowers are custom manufactured to match any bed width and windrow configuration. 

Rod Lifter Series:
The TopAir Onion Rod Lifter Series utilises the counter rotating square rod concept to undercut onions. The slightly inclined tandem rod design allows the first rod to make the initial cut, with the second rod loosening the soil from the roots for faster curing of the onions. After undercutting, the onions maintain their upright position to help avoid sunburn. The hydraulic drive replaces drivelines and gearboxes for extremely low maintenance. Gauge wheels maintain precise depth for a close, consistent cut. Onion savers can be utilized to prevent onions from falling into corrugations or wheel tracks. Rod Lifters are custom manufactured to match any bed configuration. 

Onion Digger Series:
The TopAir Onion Digger Series of harvesters has become a popular solution to undercutting onions in the southern U.S.A and for areas subject to frequent rains during the harvest season, the onions are best undercut and placed on top of a firm bed. TopAir diggers accomplish this by first undercutting with a blade, then conveying the onions up a belted chain bed to remove soil from the roots, which allows for better curing. The soil is then firmed with a roller, which allows rain water to drain. The onions are then laid back on to a firm bed. This method allows the soil free roots and tops to dry in these difficult climatic conditions. Onion Diggers are custom manufactured to match any bed configuration. 


The TopAir FCAT series

Is a new generation of onion harvesting equipment, developed with visibility, capacity, separation, operator friendliness and versatility in mind.  The FCAT series of Onion Harvesters is changing the way growers approach their harvest operation across Australia. The concept started from the need for a higher capacity, lower profile harvester for some of Australia's sandy growing areas. Having a split intake system to remove loose sand and soil from the onions, plus the option of soil separation tables, the FCAT provides a very clean sample of onions into the improved TopAir topping system. Raised fans with larger intake area keep the fans clear from airborne debris giving a higher topping capacity. Sand & soil removal before the air box keeps the air flowing free and reduces blockages in the air plenum. A pressure compensating hydraulic system gives the operator full in-cab control from the driver's seat with a CanBus control module allowing speeds to be fine-tuned whilst harvesting. Flotation tires, axle levelling, increased steering angle and a wide stance make the FCAT stable in all conditions whilst still remaining manoeuvrable around headlands.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity - Low Damage
  • Full in-cab hydraulic controls
  • Pressure compensating hydrauilc system
  • Bin trailer or truck elevator
  • Improved in field topping system
  • Harvest direct or pre-lifted onions
  • High capacity rear discharge elevator
  • Hydrauilc adjustable agitation
  • Rod lifter option
  • Excellent sand/soil separation
  • Return to centre steering
  • Hydraulic levelling axle
  • Elevated high velocity fans
  • Low ground pressure flotation tires







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