IMAC Onion Loader

The Italian made IMAC onion loader OL1400 has a lateral discharging side elevator.  It has been designed with onions in mind but can also accommodate beetroot and potatoes.  This trailed machine has a hydraulically driven draw bar and steering wheels.  It has a large sieving elevator- 140cm and a gentle slope to minimise rolling and peeling.  The swinging pick up follows the ground closely and a adjustable speed and angle cleaning hedgehog make for an efficient machine.  A large 100cm swan neck unloads the crop directly into trailers up to 4m high or into transporting crates. 


  • Dimensions: L:896cm x W: 234cm X H: 355cm
  • Weight: 4000kg
  • Sieving channel: 140cm
  • Elevator: 100cm
  • Required Power: 60 kW
  • Unloading height: 100-400cm
  • Output: 1-1.5 hectares/hour





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