Larrington Trailers- Guardian Box Loader

Protects your harvester elevator: no need to drive along with elevators angled into trailersThe Guardian Box Loader by Larrington Trailers is perfectly designed to protect your potatoes from damage.  The Guardian Box Loader with its 50mm cushioned top receives the crop gently and allows it to transfer down into the waiting box with ease. The transfer chute stays closed until 25Kg, then gently pushes the cushioned rollers open allowing the crop to slide down into the box. The Guardian Box Loader is ideal for potato and onion growers.


  • Cushioned top deck: Crop lands onto 50mm of PVC lined foam, then onto one of eight mid-chute cushions, slowing its decent into the boxes for a gentle landing.
  • Patented Cushion lock systems: keeps chutes closed until 25kg of product sits on the cushions, only then do they open to allow the final filling of the bins, greatly reducing the fall.


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