Larrington Trailers - RootKing

The Rootking is Larrington Trailer's signature long and low trailer, designed for gentle loading of any valuable crop.
Built to highest specification, and designed to be the most comprehensive trailer on the market today, with meticulous attention to detail paid in the design and build of this robust trailer.
The super strong 'M' style patented folded and formed chassis offers the greatest strength yet remaining light weight.  The body is formed and folded from 6mm plate for superb lateral strength. 



  • Single tipping ram
  • Adjustable sprung drawbar
  • Commercial grade axles supplied as standard
  • Rear LED's, protection guards and rear towing eyes create a safe versatile trailer


Optional Extras

  • Large range of wheel & tyre options
  • Wind up grain chute
  • Rollover sheet with left/right front ratchet handle
  • Hydraulic fold down side- LHS for potatoes
  • Hydraulic drawbar stand
  • Air suspension to replace mechanical springs





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