Team Sprayers - ACA Injection System

The Team ACA Chemical Injection System has been designed with the operator in mind. By seperating the chemical from the main tank of clean water avoids any problems with the chemical solution settling out and causing blockages. By injecting the chemical into the clean water supply at the desired percentage ensures constant accuracy and usage of the chemical. The injected rate of chemical can be manually adjusted depending on the desired forward speed of the planter. The control unit, sensors and nozzles can be flushed with clean water by altering the supply direction at the bottom of the chemical tank.


  • 12L Chemical storage tank, including flushing system
  • 1-10% chemical injection rate
  • Large pressure filtration
  • Link-Pak adaptor
  • Powder coated chasis for chemical resistance
  • Suction and pressure filters
  • Chemical tank drain valve
  • Liquid level gauge



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