Team Sprayers Compact 90 MKII

The Compact 90 MKII Applicator is a robust 90ltr capacity unit designed to be mounted on most 2 to 6 row automatic potato planters to apply chemical to the soil in furrow at the time of planting seed potato tubers.

The unit consists of a 90ltr tank and a 15ltr clean water flushing tank, under which is mounted a 12 volt twin cylinder diaphragm pump c/w pressure regulating valve, suction and pressure line filters and control centre. Spray lines, nozzles and nozzle mounting kits are also included.  The Compact 90MKII has an in-cab control box consisting of main pump on/off, warning lights for front and rear nozzles c/w optional audible warning and nozzle off-on-auto spray mode.

The 12 volt D.C twin diaphragm pump provides suction from the main tank and also the flushing tank when required, the pressure is regulated to the control centre via a manual relief valve with the excess returning to the main tank for agitation. A 12 volt solenoid valve controls the flow of the liquid to the control centre, then monitored by flow meters one for each nozzle, if the flow of liquid through a nozzle drops or becomes blocked, a warning light will appear on the main control box with the option of a buzzer, enabling the operator to select the correct nozzle and clean as required.




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