Tong Engineering Destoners

Tong's TPD720 Destoner offers an effective, compact and low maintenance destoning system with soil/stone removal and crop discharge elevators for reliable separation of stones from crop.

Removal of stones is achieved by separating floating crop and sinking stones, and the TPD720 can be built to suit a variety of throughput requirements.

  • 3KW separation pump with electronic speed adjustment
  • 700mm wide Product Web Elevator with a 10mm gap between the bars, fixed speed, complete with a dirty water spraying system mounted over the Web.
  • 500mm wide Stone Web Elevator (feeding to the left or right), fixed speed, reversible.
  • All fitted in a common tank with a self contained electric panel.
  • Available in mild and stainless steel.

Option: Valve, pipe work and pump with float switch for semi-automatic operation.


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