Tong Engineering Vibrating Length Grader - Carrots

The Tong vibrating length grader is most popularly used for length grading carrots and other long-shaped crops such as parsnips. Based on a simple yet effective design, the vibrating length grader offers an affordable carrot length grading solution that will reliably perform under the most demanding grading environments.

Different to the Lift Roller Grader, which grades carrots based on the width/diameter of the crop, the vibrating length grader gently vibrates to spread crop in a longitudinal orientation across the machine's stainless steel corrugated vibrating plates. Powered by a fixed speed motor, each vibrating plate is separated by an adjustable outlet. As crop passes along the vibrating plates, the longer crop passes over and shorter crop falls through the preceding incremental outlets. Each of the grades passes onto side projection conveyors, with oversize crop passing over the end of the machine.

A popular carrot grader forthroughputs of up to 10 tonnes per hour, the vibrating length grader comes in standard widths of 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.6m and 1.8m, with a choice of up to 4 grading outlets.



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