Tong Engineering Lift Roller Grader - Carrots

Tong Lift Roller Grader:

Flexible in its use for a wide range of crops including potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, celeriac, swedes and bulbs, the Tong Lift Roller Grader is manufactured based on customer grade band requirements and crop type, with the option of adjusting grade band settings to suit different crop varieties and sizes. The Tong Lift Roller Grader is often the first choice of growers or packers handling crops which are not suited to screen grading, particularly carrots and parsnips, the Lift Roller Grader offers accurate grading with throughputs ranging from 5 to 40 tonnes per hour.

Tong's Lift Roller Grader sizes crop by width/diameter using a series of forward moving grade rollers; one bed of fixed bottom rollers and a top bed of height adjustable rollers. Every second roller is mounted in poly guide plates which allows them to lift vertically to make a specified grade size. Standard models are available in in range of configurations from 1.2m wide with 3 grade bands up to 2.4m wide with up to 6 grade bands. Other configurations can be custom built to suit your exact grading requirements.

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, its flexibility and versatility have made the Lift Roller Grader one of Tong's most popular grading machines on a wide range of crops.




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