Bulk vegetable storage and protection

Industrial Ventilation Inc, IVI is a global innovative and trusted crop storage expert.  They provide state of the art technology for safe vegetable storage, specialising in root crops such as potatoes, carrots and onions but also catering for cabbage, garlic and berries.

Storage buildings are individually engineered and customised to exceed local compliance standards.

Ventilation systems designed for optimal climate control with our proven products working in tandem.

IVI’s Patented humidicell enables greater than 97% humidity with no free moisture, reducing potato shrink.

Quality USA made Refrigeration, heating, and humidity control equipment aligned with your objectives and local climate challenges.

Storage control panels that monitor, display and operate with ease, including remotely via app and sms notifications.

Chemical treatments available through fogging to prevent and stop crop decay without adding moisture, with knowledgeable application advice based of years of experience.

Over 40 years of pioneering the development of climate-controlled vegetable storage, IVI remains the industry leader for both technology and service. Be certain your crops are protected by the most advanced, most trusted monitoring, ventilation, and treatment offerings in the world.

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