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Wifo K95 Forward tipping box rotator

You can now pick up boxes from a row or place them up against each other with a forward tipping box rotator. A produce and box friendly rotator with a unique tipping mechanism which leaves the sides of the box completely free. 

The current forward tipping box rotators still have a tipping mechanism at the side of the box, but the new WIFO K95 forward tipping box rotator has a unique tipping mechanism located at the rear with two extending curved profiles.  Becuase the tipping mechanism is located behind the box, the sides remain completely free making it possible to place the boxes against each other easily.  It also only requires only one forklift to handle the boxes.

The box rotator can be used in many ways. It has a wide tipping angle of 150 degrees and a maximum load capacity of 2,500 kg.

The machine is fitted with an upper clamp and in the case of standard potato boxes (1600 mm wide) the clamp ends up exactly on the edge of the box so that the top of the box is completely unobstructed and the products can come out of the box easily. The box is clamped securely, which means that it will suffer little or no damage.

When the clamp is completely open, it is possible to pick up several empty boxes. The use of a sequence valve makes it possible to empty out the boxes in a controlled and careful way.

The K95 is normally supplied for forklifts but is also suitable for any type of telescopic handler. 



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