Tong Engineering Broccoli Trimming and Grading

Tong's broccoli trimming machine offers a safe way to effectively and consistently trim broccoli without the need for manual handling of cutting equipment. Manufactured in stainless steel with full HMI touch screen control, the trimmer ensures ultimate ease of use and safety for the operator, with the benefit of consistent cutting depth and accurate throughput data.

A closely integrated conveyor delivers crop to the plastic modular crop belt, where each broccoli floret can be located by the operator into the individual crop location holes on the belt. A concealed spinning blade located under the belt in the guarded area of the machine, cleanly cuts the stalk of the floret as it passes the blade. Cut crop then dislocates at the end of the crop belt, ready for packing.

With a throughput of up to 80 heads per minute with one operator, Tong's broccoli cutter is designed to offer high capacity trimming with consistent results and can be integrated with infeed and outfeed conveying equipment for a complete broccoli handling system.

So if you're looking to improve the efficiency, consistency and safety of your broccoli handling operations, the Tong broccoli trimmer brings the latest in broccoli trimming technology.


The advancements in Tong's Auto-Touch HMI touch-screen controls means that the broccoli trimming machine is very easy to use, whilst giving intelligent information on the machine's throughput and maintenance status. What's more, the safety module within the trimmer's controls means that the guarded blade area cannot be accessed unless the machine is set to a 'safety-stopped' condition in the control panel, and a password in entered.


Tong's broccoli trimmer features a unique blade changing and maintenance programme which ensures complete operator safety - the user cannot come into contact with the moving blade at any time unless the machine is in a 'safety-stopped' condition. Even then, to remove the blade, the main machine guards must be opened and a blade-guard must be fitted before the blade can be removed from the machine, meaning any access within the cutting area is exceptionally safe. The blade is only ever accessed under controlled cleaning, maintenance or blade-changing situations.


The broccoli trimmer is designed to offer the gentlest handling of the broccoli heads, featuring a 400mm wide smooth, plastic modular belt conveyor with crop location holes to hold the broccoli heads carefully and securely in place for trimming. A 300mm wide waste conveyor runs under the cutting area to effectively receive waste stalk once cut.


Built with minimal maintenance in mind, the Tong broccoli trimmer is designed to make cleaning and maintenance quick and easy, resulting in minimal downtime and optimum productivity.


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