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Imac Onion Diggers

In store in Tasmania we have two quality Italian made Imac potato diggers in two sizes -OD1400 and OD1650.

The IMAC onion digger has a rotating digging shaft suitable for harvesting all types of onions. Thanks to the square digging shaft, only a small amount of soil need be worked and the machine can be used in all conditions.

The Imac Onion digger is equipped with 1 belt allowing perfect sieving. In the rear section, underneath the machine, a large plastic compacting roller prepares the bed for the windrow which ensures fast drying.  

Two adjustable width teflon tails form a neat & precise windrow.

Price: POA,

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Valentini Ercules Poseidon 3000 (stock)

In stock at Dobmac Ulverstone, we have a new Valentini Ercules now known as the Poseidon 3000 rotary cage cultivator.

  • Strong, robust and gear box rated to 200-250hp.
  • Three point universal hitch.
  • Single speed, 1000rpm unit.
  • Six helical hoes per flange, 72 Hoes total.
  • Working depth up to 28cm, adjustable from tractor cab.

Price:  $37,000 + GST, ex works Ulverstone,

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Tong Soil Elevators 4.5m and 7.5m long (Stock)

Dobmac currently have in stock, two new Tong Soil Elevators that can gently convey a range of crop types, soil or waste. 

Both our stocked elevators have 600mm belts with 35mm high cleats providing great product control even at steep elevations. 

Built with fixed speed motor and hydraulic lift for quick, easy set up.

Located in Tasmania.


4.5m Elevator: $19,000

7.5m Elevator: $22,000

*All prices are plus GST, ex works Ulverstone, Contact Dobmac for a competitive transport quote or more details today!



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Tong Bulk Bag Bins (stock)

In stock in Ulverstone, we have several new Tong Bulk Bag Bins.

Affordable gentle filling, with minimal drop.

Simple, robust and reliable.

Capacity of up to 1200kg, perfect for filling one tonne boxes and big bags

Price: $3,500 + GST ex works Ulverstone.




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Tong Caretake 1800mm

Just in time for Agfest is a new Tong Caretaker.  Capable of cleaning and grading up to 60 tonnes of crop per hour!  Designed using the latest technical advancements in inverter drives and user-interfaces, with high levels of efficiency, productivity, and gentle handling in mind, the Caretaker offers efficient handling of a wide variety of crops and is suitable for grading potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and more.

Come and see this amazing piece of machinery at Ulverstone today!


Item 1 – Tong Caretaker Hopper

  • 5.8m long with additional 1.5m long inclined extension
  • 1800mm wide heavy-duty rubber belt
  • Standard chevron flight belt & 20mm straight flights
  • 4” pitch heavy duty side chains
  • Galvanised pressed steel cross laths
  • Inverter variable speed drive motor
  • Automatic flow control sensor for even flow of crop

Item 2 – A Tong Presentation Conveyor

  • 1m long x 1800mm wide, PVG endless tracked belt
  • Inverter variable speed drive motor

Item 3 – A Tong 6 Row Adjustable Centre Coil Cleaner

  • 1800mm wide, Steel coils
  • Adjustable centres 25 to 50mm gap
  • Independent drive motor to each coil shaft
  • Inverter variable speed drive
  • Coil cleaner to be easily changeable with 4 row Easy Clean

Item 4 – A Tong Waste Under Conveyor

  • 1.5m long x 1500mm wide
  • PVG endless side-tracked belt
  • Fixed speed drive motor
  • Scraper fitted to underside at feed off end

Item 5 – A Tong Waste Cross Conveyor

  • 3.25m long x 750mm wide
  • PVG endless side-tracked belt
  • Fixed speed motor
  • Scraper fitted to underside at feed off end

Item 6 – A Tong Heavy Duty Chassis

  • Heavy duty Channel chassis
  • Drawbar & Road wheel
  • Electric control panel mounted to side of chassis
  • Control panel to accommodate use of either Coil Cleaner or Easy Clean

Item 7 – A Tong Cross Conveyor

  • 3.25m long x 750mm wide
  • PVG endless side-tracked belt
  • Fixed speed motor, reversible

Mounted on easily removable frame to be fitted to either end of Storemaker or Easy Grade 


Price:  TBA,

Contact the Dobmac Sales team for more information


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Tong Mini EasyFill Box Filler (stock)

In stock we have Three NEW Tong Engineering Mini EasyFill box filler, the smallest of the EASYFILL range. 

  • Lowering end sections, 1280mm long, with an 1800mm long centre section
  • Suitable for filling boxes up to 1050mm High and between 1200mm and 1800mm long.
  • Automatic box detection and auto lift/lowering using sensing probes minimizes stopage.
  • Trademark "doorstop belt" with gentle fingers that cradle the crop into the boxes
  • Suitable for many crop types and applications, gentle and efficient.
  • Located in Tasmania



*All prices are plus GST, ex works Ulverstone, Contact us for a competive transport quote or more details.




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Tong Filler Elevator (stock)

Available for purchase from our Ulverstone store is a Tong box filler elevator. 

These are file images only.

Price: $12,750 +GST ex works Ulverstone.



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Nicholson Eco TopTailer (stock)

Nicholson TopTailer TT1800E.

  • Eco-drive model is fitted with chains driven by variable speed motors.
  • Patented twisted rotating shafts removes tops and roots without damaging the onion bulbs
  • Capable of up tp 20 tonnes per hour
  • Suitable for onions, beetroot and garlic


Price: POA, Contact Dobmac for details today




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Jones single bed onion topper (stock)

A new Jones single bed onion topper is for sale from our Ulverstone site.

Jones Engineering Onion Toppers are heavy duty and come complete with a unique all-gearbox drive allowing the blades to be kept in time which results in cleaner topped onions.  When in motion the topper is pulled along on four wheels and the trough which houses the blades is raised and lowered hydraulically, achieving more accurate height control whilst maintaining stability on undulating ground.  Featuring heavy duty reversible blades, large stable wheels and plastic lined side skirts.  Options include: electro hydraulic automatic height control and hydraulic folding tripple bed.

Price: POA





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