AgroVent Storage Systems

AgroVent is a Dutch company that started back in 1992 to meet the market demands for better, more efficient crop drying and storage through condensing methods.  AgroVent systems can be seen all around the world and Dobmac are pleased to be the Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Limitations with current methods such as air drying and gas heating has led AgroVent to develop the VaccTek system.  The VaccTek system allows produce to dry independently of the exterior climate conditions, which is becoming increasingly important with the unpredictable weather and push for organic products.

Gas heating, currently the most common method, is costly and inneficient, for every 1kg of gas burned, 1.6kg of water is produced, therefore 10% of gas consumption is used to remove the moisture created by the combustion.  The VaccTek system when compared to the gas drying method produces 50% shorter drying times and uses up to 80% less energy.

Moist air from the store in drawn in and guided along the condenser, stripping the moisture, as the condensation process cools the air, the air is then passed through a heat pump to produce a stable 14-16 degrees before being blown back into the store.  The VaccTek also has the ability to utilise exterior air when conditions are favourable meaning further efficiencies

The VaccTek system is placed half in/ half out of the outter wall, all that is required for fittment is a strong, stable floor. 

  • A single unit contains fans, cooling, condenser dryer and the exhaust shutter.
  • Drying capacity- 30-70kg water per hour and 10-16 degrees celsius
  • Cooling Capacity- up to 0.7 degrees celsius / 24hr
  • Ventilation- approx 75,000m3 / hour, frequency controlled.


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