Welcome to DOBMAC

Dobmac Agricultural Machinery is an innovative, market leader in the design, manufacture, supply & maintenance of specialised agricultural machinery in a changing global market.

Supplying specialised equipment and service throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally, Dobmac can provide a solution for all your root crop vegetable needs.

We are agents for Milestone Seed Cutters - Harriston Potato Machinery - Lockwood Potato Planters & Harvesters - Mayo Bulk Handling Equipment - Topair Onion Harvesters - Standen Potato Systems - Tong Engineering vegetable handling equipment -  Eqraft - Onion Toppers - Weighing and Packing Solutions - Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions -  Nicholson Machinery - Onion Top Tailers & Field Equipment - IMAC Potato & onion Equipment and much more.